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Recorded TV almost unusable since last 3 updates.


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I'm on latest versions of the Server and Android Mobile App

Have Next PVR as TV back-end and NPVR Plugin

My TV files are .ts


Since the last 3 updates I can no longer play my recorded TV.

This also occurred back around the 8th of January (see post - https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43034-static-green-emby-symbol-appears-on-screen/page-3)

but was fixed with subsequent updates, but has now returned.


With HD channels the only way to get them to play is by changing the audio from Eng AAC_LATM stereo to Eng Dolby Digital 5.1

With SD channels there is only Eng AAC_LATM stereo, so these cannot be played at all.

Changing the playback Quality does only throws the error: There was an error processing the request. Please try again later


Also trying to play these files in the Server causes it to lock up with the spinning circle. All other apps such as ET, Windows Film and TV app play the files perfectly.


Please find attached App log and Server log. There were no ffmpeg - transcode logs created at the time I did this test example.

The test involved starting the app, selecting a HD recording, selecting play, then changing the audio stream.


Let me know if you need more info.

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I just tried a 1 minute sample but the file is 80 MB.

Will a clip of a few seconds do?


Luke, I just noticed the updated Version 3.2.00 of the Server, so I installed it and now the same files as above will play on my android phone as long as I lower the bit rate rather than leaving it on the Auto setting.

I'll do more testing in the morning.


Thanks, as usual for you super fast responses. :)

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More observations;


Both HD and SD recordings play well as long as I lower the Quality (Max streaming bitrate) to - 720p - 2Mbps, however Resume does not work.


I can get Resume to work by setting the Quality to Auto but then the playback stutters, so is unusable. I can get stable playback only if I change the Audio to Dolby Digital 5.1. But this will of course only work for HD recordings..


Could this be something to do with the version of ffmpeg I'm using?

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I just installed the latest ffmpeg (20170204-b1e2192-win64-static)

Same behavior when playing recorded TV.

Would you like some fresh logs Luke?

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Please find logs attached:


The app log is a 1 minute play of a HD recording, after 30 seconds I changed the bitrate from auto to 1080p-4Mbps


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