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Recorded a show using NextPVR and it will not direct play on xbox one


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I have NextPVR set up with my HDHR Connect to schedule and record live TV.  The initial recording is a .ts file and for an hour show it was huge like 7-8 GB.  Using ffmpeg I re-encoded the .ts file to an mp4 using these options: -c:v libx264 -preset slow -crf 26 -c:a aac. I've used these options before with mkv files and the resulting mp4 is able to be direct played on my xbox one, which is what I thought would happen here.  


Anyway, heres the problem: I try and play the new mp4 on my xbox one and it says I'm transcoding. (bitrate setting on app is set to auto)  Weird.  So I do my best to troubleshoot and try to play the same file on emby theater on my win 10 pc where my server lives.  Still transcoding.  So then I hook up my Dad's roku just to see what would happen and it direct streamed it with no buffering or stopping at all.  For some reason the transcoding would not allow it to just play all the way through.  


So I guess I have two questions: 1) Why does my xbox have to transcode something i know it can direct play since all of my movies are mp4 and direct plays them with no problems.  2) If it can't direct play the file why can't the xbox direct stream it like the roku did which was great quality and no buffering/stopping? 


Attached are the server, remux, transcode log files, plus the media info for the file at hand.   









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There always seems to be something else that I didn't know about that is screwing things up.  I wonder if that's something that can be brought down below 41 or is it permanent?

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