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Reposted - Emby in progress status not working


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I was advice to repost this from the kodi app to the os x server forum.



I am new to emby just installed 3 days ago, all appears to be working well other than in progress status not working. Yep, the main reason I gave emby a try.

If I stop at any point in a film or tv show emby/kodi marks it as watched. Same behavior on all clients.

Emby>Reports i was able to locate a movie and a tv show with a runtime.

i played them in kodi stopped and the progress was saved and was there on my other clients.

In emby metadata manager>file/episode, I selected refresh metadata>replace all metadata.

Message: refresh queued. Waited for awhile and no runtime entry appears.


is this the correct procedure to refresh - it did not appear to work

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?



emby server– Mac OS x 10.8.5

emby setup- 1 Emby User-used by all clients

Media Library setup:

          /Volumes/MediaVault1TV Shows 1

          smb://macmini.local/mediavault1/TV Shows 1/


Sync user watch data to nfo’s for:

I tried none and the user – same no effect


3 Clients:

LibreElec 7.95.1 bata

kodi/emby app 2.3.38


thank you


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