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Missing guide entry and channel in Emby


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Perhaps someone can help with this...

I'm using WMC on Win 10, Serverwmc, Emby. Haupauge quad tuner. I just changed from ASTC to clear QAM cable. WBZ HD (channel 4.1 CBS boston) displays fine on WinTV8 and WMC, and the guide displays fine on WMC. Neither the channel nor the guide will display on Emby. Only this channel is affected.

Any ideas?



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In wmc look at your channel list and make sure you don't have a bad channel with the same channel number  (usually the channel is called 'drama', its left over from when wmc had internet channels), if its there just disable it.  


If that's not the problem, post your serverwmc log (see debug tab) after trying to play the problem channel.

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