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Problem with active devices & users

Ben Z
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I'm using an ODROID C1+ with OpenELEC as a client device. This device is listed as 'Device X' and connected with the user 'A' with Emby. I'm also using different computers as clients. Everything is fine.


I recently added a new client device, an ODROID C2 with LibreELEC. Let's say I call it 'Device Y' and I connect it with the emby user 'B'.


The problem is that 'Device Y' doesn't list in emby devices and is not active. Even worst, when I reboot the server, it says that 'Device X' is connected with user 'B'.

I can use both devices just fine but it's a mess since it changes the viewed contents of both users randomly.


'Device X' is local and 'Device Y' is outside homenetwork though.


How to restart all the device ID's or what's the problem? I tried to change the MAC addresses but it doesn't work. Deleting the visible device in the list doesn't seem to work also.


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I'm not sure what caused the problem but I found the solution... I just had to reset the devices ID from Kodi under Emby plugin's advanced settings. lol

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