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Found 9 results

  1. I'm using an ODROID C1+ with OpenELEC as a client device. This device is listed as 'Device X' and connected with the user 'A' with Emby. I'm also using different computers as clients. Everything is fine. I recently added a new client device, an ODROID C2 with LibreELEC. Let's say I call it 'Device Y' and I connect it with the emby user 'B'. The problem is that 'Device Y' doesn't list in emby devices and is not active. Even worst, when I reboot the server, it says that 'Device X' is connected with user 'B'. I can use both devices just fine but it's a mess since it changes the viewed contents of both users randomly. 'Device X' is local and 'Device Y' is outside homenetwork though. How to restart all the device ID's or what's the problem? I tried to change the MAC addresses but it doesn't work. Deleting the visible device in the list doesn't seem to work also. server-63619576295.txt
  2. Kodi platform/version: Raspberry Pi 3/OpenELEC 6.95.3/Kodi 16.1 Emby platform/version: Ubuntu 16.04.1/Emby 3.0.8500.0 When streaming video from my Emby server using Direct Paths (SMB), my RPi3 will eventually "hang". Here's how it looks: the playback of video and audio will stop, and the application will seem to be frozen, so I won't be able to press "Stop" to stop the playback; it will be this way from 30s to a 1.5 minutes (didn't actually count the time); after which it will "unfreeze". The playback stops, I'm back at the main menu, all the functions I requested while in the freeze will activate at once, so if I pressed left/right back/enter, those keypresses will register all at once - this you can tell by the menu sounds going off multiple times at once. After that, the freezing will come at least once every 10 minutes, looking basically the same, until I reboot the Pi, and the issue will go away for some time. Here are some things of note. 1.) It's actually the playback that's frozen, not the application itself, because, while frozen, the "enter" key on my remote is still functional: it will bring up the overlay menu, which I will be able to browse (pressing left/right to select play, fast forward, stop) but none of the functions will actually work. And external .srt subtitles will continue to work for some time, on top of the frozen footage (but will eventually freeze too); I didn't test .srt subtitles that are muxed into the file, though. 2.) Non-Emby playback has no issues. Just connecting to the source server using SMB and opening up my .mkv's manually results in no playback issues what so ever. I watched full movies like this without any freezes. I synced the time on my Pi with my clock and tried to capture the exact time the freeze occured. The first time I was late by about 10 seconds, the second time by about 2, in any case, here are two extracts that seem to capture the first line logged around the time the freeze "unfroze", these lines are provided separately later. I am also providing the original log. The freeze occured at approx. 01:12:53 01:06:55 2757.003906 T:1767895968 NOTICE: EMBY.kodimonitor -> Method: Player.OnPlay Data: {"item":{"id":1167,"type":"episode"},"player":{"playerid":1,"speed":1}} 01:06:55 2757.072021 T:1588024224 NOTICE: EMBY.websocket_client -> Message: {"MessageType":"UserUpdated","Data":{"Name":"Pavel","ServerId":"87f837e661c0405bb803a5f0b8f0e921","Id":"d678a5190ca348e38923a0b5d6d95c59","HasPassword":false,"HasConfiguredPassword":false,"HasConfiguredEasyPassword":false,"LastLoginDate":"2016-11-13T16:11:47.0385020Z","LastActivityDate":"2016-11-13T22:06:55.0908150Z","Configuration":{"AudioLanguagePreference":"eng","PlayDefaultAudioTrack":false,"SubtitleLanguagePreference":"","DisplayMissingEpisodes":false,"DisplayUnairedEpisodes":false,"GroupedFolders":[],"SubtitleMode":"None","DisplayCollectionsView":false,"EnableLocalPassword":false,"OrderedViews":[],"LatestItemsExcludes":[],"PlainFolderViews":[],"HidePlayedInLatest":true,"RememberAudioSelections":true,"RememberSubtitleSelections":true,"EnableNextEpisodeAutoPlay":true},"Policy":{"IsAdministrator":true,"IsHidden":false,"IsDisabled":false,"BlockedTags":[],"EnableUserPreferenceAccess":true,"AccessSchedules":[],"BlockUnratedItems":[],"EnableRemoteControlOfOtherUsers":true,"EnableSharedDeviceControl":true,"EnableLiveTvManagement":true,"EnableLiveTvAccess":true,"EnableMediaPlayback":true,"EnableAudioPlaybackTranscoding":true,"EnableVideoPlaybackTranscoding":true,"EnablePlaybackRemuxing":true,"EnableContentDeletion":false,"EnableContentDownloading":true,"EnableSync":true,"EnableSyncTranscoding":true,"EnabledDevices":[],"EnableAllDevices":true,"EnabledChannels":[],"EnableAllChannels":true,"EnabledFolders":[],"EnableAllFolders":true,"InvalidLoginAttemptCount":0,"EnablePublicSharing":true}}} 01:10:08 2950.949707 T:1767895968 NOTICE: EMBY.ga_client -> GA: {'cid': '7837a74be1a1b19fedfac7b8b619291c', 'sr': '1360x768', 'v': '1', 'ea': 'PlayPing', 'ec': 'PlayAction', 'an': 'Kodi4Emby', 'ul': 'Russian', 't': 'event', 'av': '2.3.6', 'tid': 'UA-85356267-1', 'aid': '1', 'ua': 'Kodi/16.1 (Linux Rpi)', 'ds': 'plugin'} 01:13:12 3134.039795 T:1294988192 ERROR: Read - Error( -1, 22, Invalid argument ) - Retrying 01:13:42 3164.047119 T:1294988192 ERROR: Read - Error( -1, 22, Invalid argument ) 01:13:42 3164.047852 T:1294988192 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit() 01:13:42 3164.047852 T:1294988192 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: eof, waiting for queues to empty 01:13:42 3164.047852 T:1294988192 NOTICE: Closing stream player 1 01:13:42 3164.047852 T:1294988192 NOTICE: CDVDMessageQueue(audio)::WaitUntilEmpty 01:13:42 3164.048096 T:1294988192 NOTICE: Waiting for audio thread to exit 01:13:42 3164.048096 T:1367339936 NOTICE: thread end: CDVDPlayerAudio::OnExit() 01:13:42 3164.048096 T:1294988192 NOTICE: Closing audio device 01:13:42 3164.048340 T:1294988192 NOTICE: Deleting audio codec 01:13:42 3164.048340 T:1294988192 NOTICE: Closing stream player 2 01:13:42 3164.048340 T:1294988192 NOTICE: CDVDMessageQueue(video)::WaitUntilEmpty 01:13:42 3164.055908 T:1294988192 NOTICE: waiting for video thread to exit 01:13:42 3164.055908 T:1397748640 ERROR: Got MSGQ_ABORT or MSGO_IS_ERROR return true 01:13:42 3164.055908 T:1397748640 NOTICE: thread end: video_thread 01:13:42 3164.056152 T:1294988192 NOTICE: deleting video codec 01:13:42 3164.059082 T:1294988192 NOTICE: Closing stream player 3 01:13:42 3164.147461 T:1963307008 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile() 01:13:42 3164.147461 T:1963307008 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: waiting for threads to exit 01:13:42 3164.147705 T:1963307008 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: finished waiting 01:13:42 3164.170654 T:1767895968 NOTICE: EMBY.player -> Played_information: {'smb://KODIBUNTU/6tb_HDD_root/TV2/X-Files/Season 7/the.x-files.s07e21.1080p.bluray.x264-rovers.mkv': {'paused': False, 'refresh_id': 'c2001244c8b181459f8d9b9d803190eb', 'AudioStreamIndex': 1, 'SubtitleStreamIndex': 2, 'currentPosition': 1528.31103515625, 'item_id': 'a0de9b6db4f3bf07d4f4d954b13a57dc', 'currentfile': 'smb://KODIBUNTU/6tb_HDD_root/TV2/X-Files/Season 7/the.x-files.s07e21.1080p.bluray.x264-rovers.mkv', 'runtime': 26831900000L, 'Type': 'Episode', 'playmethod': 'DirectPlay'}} The freeze occured at approx. 01:15:37 (NOTE: it's almost 2 minutes after the initial freeze) 01:14:08 3190.122070 T:1515189152 NOTICE: EMBY.librarysync -> Updating emby database. 01:14:08 3190.429688 T:1515189152 NOTICE: EMBY.librarysync -> New sync time: client time -2 min: 2016-11-13T22:12:08Z 01:14:08 3190.629150 T:1515189152 NOTICE: EMBY.librarysync -> Commit successful. 01:14:08 3190.629639 T:1515189152 NOTICE: EMBY.librarysync -> Updating video library. 01:14:08 3190.708252 T:1429992352 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan .. 01:14:08 3190.788818 T:1429992352 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:00 01:14:08 3190.804199 T:1767895968 NOTICE: EMBY.kodimonitor -> Method: VideoLibrary.OnScanStarted Data: null 01:14:08 3190.805176 T:1767895968 NOTICE: EMBY.kodimonitor -> Method: VideoLibrary.OnScanFinished Data: null 01:15:09 3251.090332 T:1767895968 NOTICE: EMBY.ga_client -> GA: {'cid': '7837a74be1a1b19fedfac7b8b619291c', 'sr': '1360x768', 'v': '1', 'ea': 'PlayPing', 'ec': 'PlayAction', 'an': 'Kodi4Emby', 'ul': 'Russian', 't': 'event', 'av': '2.3.6', 'tid': 'UA-85356267-1', 'aid': '1', 'ua': 'Kodi/16.1 (Linux Rpi)', 'ds': 'plugin'} 01:15:59 3301.228760 T:1397748640 ERROR: Read - Error( -1, 22, Invalid argument ) - Retrying 01:16:29 3331.259277 T:1397748640 ERROR: Read - Error( -1, 22, Invalid argument ) 01:16:29 3331.259521 T:1397748640 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit() 01:16:29 3331.259521 T:1397748640 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: eof, waiting for queues to empty 01:16:29 3331.259521 T:1397748640 NOTICE: Closing stream player 1 01:16:29 3331.259766 T:1397748640 NOTICE: CDVDMessageQueue(audio)::WaitUntilEmpty 01:16:29 3331.259766 T:1397748640 NOTICE: Waiting for audio thread to exit 01:16:29 3331.259766 T:1258288032 NOTICE: thread end: CDVDPlayerAudio::OnExit() 01:16:29 3331.260010 T:1397748640 NOTICE: Closing audio device 01:16:29 3331.260010 T:1397748640 NOTICE: Deleting audio codec 01:16:29 3331.260254 T:1397748640 NOTICE: Closing stream player 2 01:16:29 3331.260254 T:1397748640 NOTICE: CDVDMessageQueue(video)::WaitUntilEmpty 01:16:29 3331.260742 T:1397748640 NOTICE: waiting for video thread to exit Note these lines: 01:13:12 3134.039795 T:1294988192 ERROR: Read - Error( -1, 22, Invalid argument ) - Retrying 01:13:42 3164.047119 T:1294988192 ERROR: Read - Error( -1, 22, Invalid argument ) 01:15:59 3301.228760 T:1397748640 ERROR: Read - Error( -1, 22, Invalid argument ) - Retrying 01:16:29 3331.259277 T:1397748640 ERROR: Read - Error( -1, 22, Invalid argument ) Just in case, all my videos are muxed in .mkv; encoded in h264, AC3/DTS; have .srt subtitles. My RPi is not over/underclocked, has no power issues. These problems don't occur on my Linux server running Emby and Kodi. Thanks in advance! kodi.log
  3. Ok if your Kodi (Openelec) is crashing during an initial sync I have found a workaround. -Load OpenElec x86 on a laptop or desktop. -Then setup emby addon the way you want it. -Once sync is complete and everything is working run an openelec backup and restore the backup on your pi. The incremental syncs work fine after that. It seems to be just that first sync it does not like. I have done this numerous times and works great. ENJOY
  4. Ayala

    Emmy plugin causing 100% CPU usage

    I don't know what happened between yesterday and today. I turned on my box today and it was virtually unusable. The interface is stupid slow. After some troubleshooting I was able to disable the Emby plugin and that rendered my machine usable again. I kinda remember being on version 1.2.60 and after looking today it reads 1.2.62 which led me to believe that an update might've triggered this behavior. The only other thing I've been trying to do is to include my music library to which I have had zero luck with, while all me music is portrayed thought the web interface it does not appear on my kodi setup. setup: intel nuc > openelec 6 > emby 1.2.62 feeding of windows based emby server. Unfortunately i was not logging this but I've had zero issues since I set this up months ago. Any insight is deeply appreciated! TIA!
  5. I know Retroplayer isn't quite baked into Kodi yet, but is there a plan laid out to support video games inside of Kodi / Openelec once retroplayer is built in? How will Emby server handle this type of media? I know Gamesbrowser exists, but is that what will be used once this is available? I'm actually the owner of thegamesdb.net and so I'm interested in what we will need to plan on to support this properly. Let me know what you guys think about this. Is anyone else excited about this?
  6. Hi All, I am Daniel (danioj). I am quite active over in the unRAID forums and this is where I picked up on Emby Server. I felt the need to register and tell all the contributors to this project that you are doing an excellent job and have created something quite awesome. Within a day I have integrated this wonderful server (via a Docker on my NAS setup) into my setup and am loving it. The way your server creates and manages my media library and the way your new awesome plugin allows me to use that central library on KODI (Openelec) without the hassle of MYSQL or Headless versions of KODI running or notifications being sent from other server applications. It's just what I have been waiting for. Anyway, enough gushing. I did enough of that on my positive review over on the unRAID forums here: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=41207.msg390655#msg390655 Hopefully people will follow my lead and start using Emby. If not, they are missing out. I'm looking forward to being involved in your community. Great Job all. Daniel.
  7. danioj

    Library Scan Config

    Hi Guys, I am using the new KODI-Plugin and it is working great. I noticed today however that the time it takes for new items to appear in the KODI library is quite long. I am posting here because I don't think it is a Plugin or KODI issue. When I access Emby Server GUI the new video file is not appearing in the library but it is in the file structure which is being monitored by Emby. I initially went looking for a switch in the server settings. Something along the lines of poll time or scan time or similar. I figured Emby must poll the folders because I don't see where an event triggering a scan would come from. Is there such a config variable I can change? Thanks Daniel
  8. The following messages keep on poping up in the notification area. I installed emby after a full fresh install of kodi then did a content scan on my videos. I'm currently running an emby server on my desktop with Kodi running on my PI on the local network. kodi.log
  9. Since I just did a clean install of an Openelec box with XBMB3C I figured I'd write a quick guide for new users interested in testing out XBMB3C and MBS. It's meant to be a no fluff, quick and dirty guide. Maybe I'll come back through and add pretty pictures for the illiterate later, but it's not a priority for me at the moment. Install Openelec and boot into XBMC Download the XBMB3C Repo and upload it to the downloads directory of your Openelec box In XBMC go to Addons, Choose 'Install from ZIP file', browse to the repo zip you just uploaded to your downloads directory, install it Go to Addons, Choose get more add ons, select the XBMB3C repo you installed, go to Video Addons, Choose 'XBMB3C', choose 'Install' Go to Addons, Choose get more add ons, select the XBMB3C repo you installed, go to Skins, Choose a skin you like (I recommend Aeon Nox Gotham), choose 'Install' Go to Programs, then XBMB3C, Press 'C' and choose Addon Settings, enter in your MBS information and tweak the settings how you like or leave most defaults Go to System, Appearance, at the bottom change settings level to 'Advanced' Go to 'Mode' section of Appearance settings, enable Media Browser modes Enjoy.
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