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Moved Emby server with Backup/Restore plugin; recording series lost

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Hi folks,


Yesterday I used the backup plugin to back up my Emby configuration (which included live TV stuff including some series recordings).


I then installed Emby Server on the new server PC I built, and restored the settings. It was pretty painless. Good job!


One thing I noticed though is that in Home\Guide\Series there are no recordings listed. I had several series set to record new episodes, but I don't see those on the new server. Is it just that we're in hiatus over the holidays and no new episodes are on the schedule? 


It's only a few things that I record, so I will restore them manually... no big deal. Just curious if I did something wrong.

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Did you ever figure this out?  I have the same issue.  Built a new PC and used server config backup to restore onto fresh install and I have nothing scheduled or listed in series.  I tested scheduling a recording and that worked.

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I figured it out!



Just put the seriestimers.json and timers.json from old server to new and restart and we are back in business!

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netsyphon - You just saved my bacon.  I had the same issue as I migrated to a new server today.  Wife would not have been happy with me if I lost her recordings.


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