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Auto-Organize content replacement copies rather than moves


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Emby is running on a Mac Mini. The content is stored in a Synology DS416j mounted over a gigabit network with 9000 byte jumbo frames enabled and working on both devices.



The folder being watched by auto-organize is on the same NAS filesystem volume as the folders where it will be organized to. Auto-organize is set to move files rather than copy them.


When new content is moved to the watched folder and auto-organized invokes, the content ingestion and file move/rename operation is immediate (as expected). For content that isn't automatically ingested because there's already an older version, the replacement content is copied and then the source file is deleted. Worse though, is that the first time I encountered this I had 200+ items being copied in parallel, and while the operation was running 170GB of content needed another nearly 170GB of filesystem space to perform the copy before items were being deleted.



I move 100 1GB episodes of a show into the monitored folder. They're ingested and moved to the appropriate folders in less than a minute.


Later, I get a set of those same episodes recompressed using a more efficient codec. I move 100 500MB episodes of the show into the monitored folder. They're all initially showing in blue in the Auto-Organize page.


When I select the option to replace an episode, the item becomes yellow for several seconds as it's being copied over the network from the NAS to the Mac Mini and back again to the new location on the NAS, and then it turns green indicating it's been ingested. I now have two options:

  1. If I wait for each item to finish ingesting before I start the next item, I will need to sit at the computer for 30 minutes or more to ingest all these items one by one.
  2. If I go through the list as fast as I can, they all copying in parallel and the whole process takes even longer. I'm free to do other things, but now my NAS and network are saturated while the process runs.
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We are definitely calling File.Move. It might just be the way it is handled by the mono runtime. Since you're looking at .NET Core it will be interesting to see if that has the same behavior or not.

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