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Convert custon option

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When I am going to convert a video there is the CUSTON option
I wonder if someone can tell you how MBPs are counted in the field to fill in?

For example, a video 720p 4mb, and a video 1080p 4mb. How many megas are each to put to convert? I am in the image below a video quality, if you can tell me where I find this information I am satisfied.

Thanks again






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Great answer! thank you so much!

I ask now:
The resolution of the video remains the same, for example 1916x768, please look at the image above?

So if I put 2mbps or 3mpbs, does the resolution get 1916x768?

Thanks again

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The bitrate is a maximum, so the sync process will not attempt to increase the quality of the video. So even if you enter 3mbps, you'll still get 384kbps.

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