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(Some) Plugins Do Not Uninstall


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I'm documenting this here, as it keeps cropping up, typically in scenarios where we're asking users to uninstall plugins as part of troubleshooting.

This inevitably ends up in a short discussion along the lines of "you didn't uninstall it", "yes I did", "you didn't restart the server", "yes I did", etc.

The same behaviour is repeatable on current stable (3.0.8500) and beta (3.1.211), all tests were run in a Mono based environment.

I tested with Auto Box Sets, Cover Art and Trailers, Auto Box Sets and Cover Art uninstalled correctly.

The following logs are for the Trailers plugin, which does not uninstall:-

server-63614143052.txt : Server started, Trailers plugin installed, server stopped.

server-63614143506.txt : Server started, Trailers plugin uninstalled, server stopped.

server-63614143621.txt : Server started, Trailers plugin still present.

In case it's relevant, whilst working through the tests, I noticed that with the Trailers plugin the notification to restart is received but the need to restart is not displayed on the dashboard as it it with the others.

 - James




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