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Chocolate -> IBN/mediainfo -> cache


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I'm using chocolate theme and I create mediainfo/chocolate directory to store own rating icons. This worked fine. Now I changed the look of the icons, but I still see the old once. I restarted MB server and also the computer, but I had no luck.  :(


Can sombody tell me where teh icons are cached that I can clear them?



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What version of MBC are you running?  They should get re-acquired on a restart as long as you really modified the files (such that the modified date changed).

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I'm using


MBC B1-7.1


MBS 3.0.515.35703


I tried now following:


opened all Icons in an editor and saved them (they have now all todays date)

create IBN/mediainfo/all -> copied all files to this directory

deleted IBN/mediainfo/chocolate Directory

restart MBS (Service)


in chocolate I still see old icons which are not on the Computer

in default theme I see the new icons as I should.


Did I something wrong?

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No, you haven't done anything wrong.  MBC obviously just isn't seeing this particular change.  I thought it should be but I'll have to look into it.


In the mean time, look in your programdata\mediabrowser-classic\imagecache folder for a folder called 'Custom' and delete the images from within it.

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