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Live TV, IPTV M3U file, wrong titles


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I get a M3U file from my IPTV provider. It looks like this


#EXTINF:-1,FI: Channel 1
#EXTINF:-1,FI: Channel 2
#EXTINF:-1,FI: Channel 3

....and so on


If i use it in emby Live TV, all channels are called -1,FI: if i look under Live TV -> Channels.

If i open the playlist in VLC it looks fine.

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Hi thank you for your reply.


I downloaded that app to my andriod and imported the m3u and the channel names worked there aswell.


Hope the future is near :)

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Also it seems to take the channel name to the first blankspace only, if i check the site you linked and make a m3u containing:

#EXTINF:0,Channel 1

#EXTINF:0,Channel 2

#EXTINF:0,Channel 3



All channels are called: 0,Channel

The numbers do not show up under Live TV -> Channels


It should be taking the name from the first comma ( , ) onwards.

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I can confirm this as well. Have tried a variety of different combinations and none of them seem to be read correctly.

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