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Video freeze when transcoding.


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I'm trying to play back 10 bit hevc content to a number of devices.

I have tried using the web app on my phone and laptop. A raspberry pi 2 with the Kodi app. The same app on my phone and the server where Emby is installed. 


All content not transcoded plays perfectly well via the addon option in the kodi app or via direct play. I never have any quality issues or buffering problems.


Whenever I try and transcode the videos they play for just over a minute and then stop.

There is no quality problems or buffering during this time.

In task manager on the server ffmpeg starts with playback and then goes to 0% just before the video freezes as if it thinks it has finished.


I have tried toggling throttling, quality settings, thread settings and hardware acceleration but all have the same result.


I have also tried updating to the beta server but to no avail.


Does anyone have any advice?

server log.txt

ffmpeg log.txt

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I think I may have found a fix...

Have been playing with this for a whole and posting was a last resort.


I'm now using the version of ffmpeg that comes with emby rather than the newest version from ffmpeg's site. 

Seems to be working fine now.

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