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Music collection throws "unable to play audio null" when played through Android TV App


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I installed the emby server on pine 64 and imported my music(audio) collection into the library. I'm able to successfully play with my android nexus 6 phone, but couldn't from within the emby app on my Android TV (nexus player emby app to be specific).


Against each song in the album i see '0.00' for the length of the song. Also I get the error "unable to play audio null" when I try to play a song.


I have sent logs from the app, bearing username: curiousgally 

time of upload: 11:20 PM CST


I'm not a paid user and just evaluating emby at the moment. 


Let me know if I missed any info here.


I have uploaded the last 1300 lines from the server log..the file was too big to upload, hope  that helps.


Thanks !!


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