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Repeat indictator for episodes previously shown


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In WMC if it is a repeat it displays it in the description as you can see at the bottom it has the title Starsky & Hutch, subtitle and that this episode is a repeat if you contrast that to emby it doesn't display that it just has release year.


In this example it is pretty obvious that this show is old and it is a repeat but in other situation it is not and having a repeat in the episode title is much more beneficial than the release year. Hopefully emby details can be adjusted so it is more similar to WMC which no offense but it is to me much more useful info then emby.


Thank you for considering it.






From the guide data the repeat flag is indicator by previously shown date.



<programme channel="98" stop="20160830040000 +0000" start="20160830030000 +0000">
<title lang="en">Starsky & Hutch</title>
<sub-title lang="en">Targets Without A Badge - Part 1</sub-title>
<desc lang="en">When one of Huggy's mates offers irrefutable evidence of the activities of a corrupt judge, he doesn't survive to testify in court.(United States, English)</desc>
<actor>Paul Michael Glaser</actor>
<actor>David Soul</actor>
<category lang="en">Action</category>
<language lang="en">English</language>
<country lang="en">United States</country>
<episode-num system="xmltv_ns">3.17.</episode-num>
<episode-num system="icetv">22653-144367</episode-num>
<previously-shown start="20141009"/>
<rating system="">



Also it shows the original air date when you come to record it Again the wmc has more useful info than Emby has.







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