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Emby for KODI : kodi cannot find next item to play


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Hello Everyone,


I have Emby server V.3.0.6300.0-1 running in my Synology. It is working perfectly in Web, iOS, and android environments. I recently installed KODI in my mac and Emby add-on for KODI. Now, KODI is able to fetch all the information from Emby server, However, if I try to play some movies, or videos it throws the error :

cannot find next item to play

Instead of using add-on from Emby, if I add files from my Synology smb server, it is able to play the movies. Therefore, I am assuming that there is something going wrong with KODI - Emby interface. I have attached the recent log file. One thing peculiar in the log file that got my attention was:

0:40:45 T:123145303453696  NOTICE: EMBY.playbackutils -> Play called.
00:40:45 T:123145303453696  NOTICE: EMBY.playutils -> Verifying path: /volume1/downloads/filestream/Movies/The Hateful Eight (2015).mkv
00:40:45 T:123145303453696  NOTICE: EMBY.playutils -> Can't verify path, assumed linux. Still try to direct play.
00:40:45 T:123145303453696  NOTICE: EMBY.playutils -> File is direct playing.
00:40:45 T:123145303453696  NOTICE: EMBY.playbackutils -> Setting up properties in playlist.
00:40:45 T:123145303453696  NOTICE: EMBY.playbackutils -> Processed as a playlist. First item is skipped.

Why was it not able to verify the path, and why it is assuming Linux? I am using smb. 


There is similar post:




Which, has been fixed by changing parameters in advancedsettings.xml, which in my case cannot find the location of the file. Also the topic is closed.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Use path substitution in Emby to make your paths compatible. You are not using smb at this time. 



Or enable play from http in the add-on settings > playback.


Hi Angel Blue, enable play from https worked. I also tried using path substitution but it did not work. Checking the log file, it is stating that file cannot be found. I have r/w permission for the username I used for the KODI. I checked it in mac by checking the permissions. Am I doing something wrong? I have attached the log files.


In path substitution I used:


From :   /volume1/video

To:  \\MeroFile\video


checking smb link in mac works fine for the username (embysvr)


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