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DNLA on Emby server with VU+ receiver as client


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I want to watch movies stored on my Emby server with my VU+ Linux receiver.

As there is no native Emby client for Enigma2 system, I have choosen to use DNLA


I have a Emby Server (3.0.6050.0) as a DNLA Server.

I have a VU+ Solo receiver that I want to use as a DNLA Client (receiver).

I have created a VU+ Profile (from the Kodi profile) with UserAgent: Linux (Substring) in the identification HTTP Header section.


My VU+ Solo is running the Black Hole image 3.02f which includes a DNLA Plugin (based on djmount).


When I started the plugin on my VU+ it recognizes my Emby server. No problem.

I have also installed Media Player De Luxe on my VU+ in order to play the movies.


On my VU+. I can browse directories, sub directories, etc.. but I don't see any movie files listed.


What is wrong ?


Thanks for any help
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Hi, welcome. Maybe the video format being advertised by emby server is not compatible and so the app is not displaying anything. Or maybe there is something about the upnp responses coming from emby server that it doesn't like.

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