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DS2413+ Issues


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Not sure whats the problem. Usually crashes randomly I am guessing the scheduled tasks are causing to crash. Its crashing less though since I disabled DLNA and Subtitle download / checks


These are the two last server logs:




See attachments for the logs. Nothing special has been set from a stock install...


Also to add pausing and resume (while watching in chrome browser from what I have tested) producers a video error and starts the stream again..


Update: Forced all the schedules to run after each were done and it didn't crash... I guess that doesn't make it any better...



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Hi @


This appears to be related to:-






Keep an eye on these threads, it is being looked at.


How large is your media library?


- James


Approx 9TB


I will post a reply with the SSH command on the other post, thanks.

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Hello @


I was thinking more in the number of titles as opposed to disk space.


A new stable (3.0.6030) has just been published, it will be available within Package Center now.


Let us know how you get on.


- James

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