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Server crashing last 2 mornings, .NET framework error in Event Log


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For the past 2 consecutive mornings, I've had a family member notify me that Emby was not working on various clients. Both times I checked the server and found it not to be running.


Server version has gone from -> -> in that time.


Below is what I found in the Windows Event Log:




Can someone please tell me if I have an issue with the version of .NET Framework i'm running (4.0.30319) - if so, which version should I be using ideally.

Note this is a new issue, only seen in the last couple of days.


The Emby Server log provides no information at the time of the crash.



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Hi @@Luke,


So this issue has not resolved even since installing .NET Framework 4.6.1


In fact, it has now become so bad that I'm considering moving the server to another machine. Currently crashing twice a day, every day.




Not even sure why it's still refering to a Framework Version of v4.0.30319


As you can see below, 4.6 is definitely installed.




I am attaching the latest server log as well - before the crash at 8:46am. I'm really curious as to why all the DLNA polling constantly? Noticed that also in the last logs. I never use that DLNA device for streaming. Thought it might be a clue though.




Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Currently on server v3.1.54.0

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Hey @@Luke,


After running the barebones Server without any plugins for almost a week, unfortunately the issue is still occurring. This time though, with a proper Application Error instead of just .NET Framework




Through my own analysis, I can almost guarantee it occurs whenever there is a server update. Everytime Emby has crashed and I need to start it again, it always starts as a new version, and for the days it didn't crash, there was no update.


Short of me turning off updates completely, do you have any other ideas what may be going on? I'm at my wits end now, it is simply not stable enough to continue running like this.






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