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AlbumAdded End Point


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HI All,


I'm not sure that this is possible but I've noticed that 3rd party clients can notify Emby of new TV Episodes or Movies that need to be added to the library. This allows for the individual item to be scanned rather than a whole library refresh.


This can be seen in the Sonarr application

public void Update(MediaBrowserSettings settings, int tvdbId)
            var path = string.Format("/Library/Series/Updated?tvdbid={0}", tvdbId);            
            var request = BuildRequest(path, settings);

            ProcessRequest(request, settings);

I would like for the same to be available for music albums. Ideally having a Musicbrainz Release ID passed to the endpoint that will then only require the Album to be indexed rather than a full library update. 


This is currently how the beets accomplishes it:

# Trigger the Update.
        url = api_url(host, port, '/Library/Refresh')
        r = requests.post(url, headers=headers)
        if r.status_code != 204:
            self._log.warning(u'Update could not be triggered')
            self._log.info(u'Update triggered.')

If this is not possible, then no worries it would just save a lot of time and resources from the server point of view.




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I think at this point I'd rather just do an endpoint based on the file path that was updated. The only reason it was ever id-based is because that's what sickbeard wanted for tv, but it's better for us just to know what path needs to be scanned.

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Hi Luke,


I'd be happy with that. I just want to stop the full refresh that currently has to occur for music.



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