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MB3 Supporter key and MB2 Supporter Key not being accepted


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Happy New year to all,



I have been a supporter (themes by soultaker for mb2) and decided to upgrade to mb3.  I did not back up my original key for mb2 on my server and abobader resent it to me.  After which I found it where it should have been in a back up folder on the htpc!  Anyway the instructions are pretty clear from his email and on the server page and that wasn't an issue.  I then donated to mb3 for the mb3 supporter key, which was emailed to me. 


The Issue is upon entering the keys it does nothing after hitting save other than removing the keys.  Where as at first it threw up an error message stating you had to be a mb3 supporter too.  Now I don't get that error and the coin still is silver and I still have all the trial expiration warnings on the screen.  I read in one of the posts that it was believed to be due to "older" and probably for mb2 not mb3.  Is this correct or is there something else that I have somehow missed?  Like I said the instructions are clear and were followed but it wont take. 


Thanks for your time, if you need any other info let me know.

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