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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, My Motherboard died... so i ordered a new one same as the old so i can just drop the drives and continue from where it left off. In the meanwhile. I setup a temp PC and downloaded EMBY server to do a new installation as a temp solution... When i paste my supporter key, it gives me the following message....Supporter key is missing or invalid. Also, it is forever scanning media library, even though i have no media defined yet, as i am trying to restore from backup.. The reason i am trying to paste the support key is, i have tried to used the server backup configuration, but it tells me trial period expired, although this is new Windows Install on new motherboard that did not see EMBY before... any help is appreciated.. thanks
  2. I had been trying out the Trailers plugin for a couple of weeks and the trial period has expired. I do like Emby very much so I purchased a Lifetime Key. I received this key in an email and installed it in the server. The server recognizes the key. On the Help - Donate screen, it says: You have a lifetime supporter membership. You can provide additional donations on a one-time or recurring basis using the options below. Thank you for supporting Emby. The problem is that Trailers doesn't seem to recognize my key. Using the Web Client, I can click on Channels and get the Latest from Trailers screen but when I click on More, I get a Supporter Membership is Required message. Same thing happens when I click Channels - Trailers. I restarted the server a few times and also uninstalled and reinstalled Trailers. Still having problem.
  3. Hi, I have been away from emby community for a while, as i had my machines working as they should, and was enjoying my media :-) ...... My question is, how do i know my Supporter Key is still valid?? My server still says "thank you for supporting media browser", however, my client on MB Classic sometimes flashes and says i need to support media browser?? so i don't know what is happening.. I am running old version of the server ver 3.0.5518.7 , and the client ver but it still says it is up to date. I guess this must be something to do with the change over from media browser to emby, and i stayed away because the change was a little painful and created a lot of issues for me. I am hoping it is all stable now, and might consider update my server... any feedback would be appreciated. thanks
  4. Hey, Sorry if this is written somewhere, however I donated / opted for lifetime member this morning, and I am still awaiting an E-Mail with my supporter key - Is this manual, or has it been lost in the ether somehow? Thanks in advance!
  5. hell and thank you in advance for any help or advice you can offer. i have a supporter key from media browser 2 that has several themes and plugins i have purchased associated with it. i have a different media browser 3 supporter key. i was wondering if it was possible to merge the 2 keys so all the stuff is on one supporter key. there used to be a spot on the server for both keys now there is only one spot for the newer key. i have also already tried the built in key merge feature and it says the old key is not found. any help would be appreciated. thank you very much
  6. Hey guys, I have just upgraded my Media Center PC. I have a completely fresh install, new hard drive with new media center and media browser installation. I added my supporter key to this fresh install and get the "supporter key is missing or invalid" message. I am on the Lifetime subscription plan. It is valid for the life of the 3.x major version. Any ideas?
  7. pünktchen

    Supporter key not received

    Hi, i've donated for a lifetime supporter 2 days ago but didn't get any email I've checked my spam more than one time, also have tried the Forgot Key Request. Nothing!
  8. jluce50

    Empty supporter key email?

    So just signed up for a recurring donation. I got the "Thank you from the Media Browser Team" email, but the body was blank. I saw elsewhere in the forums that this email should contain a supporter key. Is this correct or should I be expecting another email? If no, how do I go about obtaining the key?
  9. Zero_Kool

    GameBrowser Trial?

    Is there any way to get a trial supporter key to see if I can get game browser working or if I like it? Also, If I use MBClassic with WMC on Xbox 360, can I use that as a controller for the emulators? Or what is typically used? Thanks,
  10. mobilelawyer

    Aztec Theme

    I bought a supporter key to get the Aztec theme. I entered the key and got a thank you prompt that it was accepted. But the trial expired prompt would not go away when I tired to use the theme. I restarted the server, rebooted the computer... still the same problem. So I removed the plug in using the Mediabrowser configurator with the intent to simply re-install it, but cannot find a way to do that without purchasing it again through PayPal. Suggestions? Moderator, if I am posting in the wrong forum, please move to the appropriate one. Thanks.
  11. hedgehogg

    Supporter Key Invalid ??

    MB3 Key Missing or Invalid - in order for any premium content to be registered, you must also be an MB3 Supporter. Please donate and support the continued development of the core product. Thank you. I have 2 I bought Square and it reads expired so I decided to link them again now the newest one reads invalid as does the older one email is dave@white-elephant.co.uk
  12. Happy New year to all, I have been a supporter (themes by soultaker for mb2) and decided to upgrade to mb3. I did not back up my original key for mb2 on my server and abobader resent it to me. After which I found it where it should have been in a back up folder on the htpc! Anyway the instructions are pretty clear from his email and on the server page and that wasn't an issue. I then donated to mb3 for the mb3 supporter key, which was emailed to me. The Issue is upon entering the keys it does nothing after hitting save other than removing the keys. Where as at first it threw up an error message stating you had to be a mb3 supporter too. Now I don't get that error and the coin still is silver and I still have all the trial expiration warnings on the screen. I read in one of the posts that it was believed to be due to "older" and probably for mb2 not mb3. Is this correct or is there something else that I have somehow missed? Like I said the instructions are clear and were followed but it wont take. Thanks for your time, if you need any other info let me know.
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