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I ran into a problem trying to log into the Emby app on my new Lumia 950/XLs that I picked up in the recent bogo deal.


When I opened the app and entered Server details manually, the app got hung up on "Getting Server details...".



The emby server log showed the server was delivering "/mediabrowser/Users/Public?format=json" to the phone and that was the last request.


On the phone I went to "About" -> "Logs" -> "Send Logs".


In the Phone app log there was an entry that said it was unable to convert "Smart" into "MediaBrowser.Model.Configuration.SubtitlePlaybackMode".


When I went through the users list returned by the server, I found Smart, and the user it was connected associated with.

After I changed the affected users, the app started working.


While I did send this information to the developer, I wanted to update the community in case you encounter a similar experience while the developer updates the app.

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