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Advice for QNAP users on hard drive setup


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Seem a bit confused with my new server, previous one was ReadyNAS NV+, which was easy to set-up.

Just got myself a QNAP TS-451+.

Disk 1(which is ssd), that will contain the QNAP OS, Emby, and some other apps.

Disk 2 will be for TV

Disk 3 for Movies

Disk 4 for everything else


I want to use maximum storage space, no redundancy (everything is backup up to external hard drives).

If for example, the tv Hard drive fails, I want to be able to take it out, put a new hard drive it, and restore from my backup.

At the moment, I only have the 2 hard drives (3rd one coming tomorrow)

Under storage space, it says static single volumes, and then lists my HD's, but if I select manage, it mentions raid group 1

Is this set up correctly, for what I want? If not, how should I be setting it up (step-by-step guide, if possible)


Thanks for your help


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This might be better asked in a QNAP forum, as they will have more expertise with the QNAP software, but the minute it mentions a Raid group, is the minute that whatever drives are associated with that group will be viewed as 1 drive, not separate drives.


If you have a 4 drive Qnap and you want the 4 drives viewed separately, you should disable any sense of Raid, as Raid is intended to duplicate files so you have drive fault tolerance (aka a drive crashes, you put in a new drive and it just rebuilds the old drive).

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