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Libraries Continually Show As Empty Until Rescan Is Run


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I migrated from Plex to Emby over this past weekend and have been happy with it, but one problem I keep having is that if I don't access my server for a while then the next time I go to access any of my libraries they all show as empty until I manually run a library scan. 


Attached is a server log from this morning.


Another issue I've noticed is in the Roku app the times displayed for the favorite channels at the top of the guide are all incorrect. If I scroll down to where the guide begins with Channel 2 then the times match up to the current time of day. Just wondering if there might be a fix for that as well?


Thanks very much for your time and help,



Here's my setup:

HD HomeRun Prime with FIOS Cable Card

Mac Mini Mid 2011

OSX 10.11.3

2.5 GHz Dual Core I5


System Volume 500 GB SSD

Emby Content resides on 12TB external drive using a USB 3 to Thunderbolt adapter

Server is connected via ethernet into an ethernet hub, then into an ethernet over coax adapter that runs into my FIOS router. Speed averages around 70 mbps. 


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I was checking out some of the add-ins I had installed and have disabled a couple that appeared to be having trouble - auto server reboot and Roku thumbnails. Everything seems to be okay now. 

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