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MBClassic-2922016e4f60c1a32f84e9aa7dd63f06ec28070.logHi Guys,


I have installed Windows 10 and Emby for WMC as suggested in another thread here and all has been successful.


The only thing that I can't get to work is the played status. As you know it normally highlights the episode of a series blue when it has been played. I am pretty sure that I have the settings correct and I have attached screenshots for you to review.


I am hoping it is something that I have missed and can't see for looking at it too much.




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The episodes show that they are played if you let it play out but if you fast forward through the episode say if you lost your played state to get it back then it will not show as played if that makes sense!!


I guess I can go into the library on the server and tick them as played or restore my backup.

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