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Rebuilding MB3 robustly from metadata stored in collection.


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Hi Luke,

perhaps not the highest priority issue, but none the less here goes...

Version 3.0.5099.2102

i dont know if if was ever a design goal..but it always used to be the case that the entire media browser system could be rebuilt quickly from metadata stored in the collection.

If all else failed, the mb3 library/data/config folders could be deleted (i.e. everything), mb3 reinstalled, and MB3 would rebuild itself respecting all personalised changes from metadata stored in the collections.

This is now no longer the case for music and movie backdrops I think. 


Steps to reproduce.

(MB3 configured to store metadata in collections)

1. remove all mb3 appdata (data/cache/library/ibn artists backdrops)

2. remove all music backdrops in the collection.

3. install mb3 and let mb3 download music backdrops.

4. let system stabilise/download all metadata (including metadata populated in collection and ibn\artists) (Now we have a totally consistent healthy environment built afresh for music backdrops- i assume)

5. delete library DB and restart MB3 (to perform a full rebuild from cached metadata or otherwise) (an artificial action perhaps, but none the less one that used to 'work' in MB2)

6. Duplicate music backdrops are now populated in the artist folders / music collection. (presumably because mb3 cant be sure where the locally stored backdrops (from the 1st library build/fetch) in the collection came from)


I dont know if you would classify this as an issue? but maybe to ensure robust consistency during rebuilds it could be a development suggestion to 

Ensure the record of what backdrops are downloaded/identified from what online and local sources are populated robustly across all relevant datasources/records ie appdata\? AND in the collection artist.xml

So that during a rebuild, the music metadata (backdrops) stored in the collection are  identifiable and not duplicated.


Likewise movie backdrop images are also duplicated after a library deletion/then rebuild, perhaps the movie xml could also keep a record of backdrop download sources/content as well.

or alternative simpler suggestion

maybe more simply once backdrops (or perhaps all image metadata) are fetched and at least one exists in collection, then no more are fetched unless the user expressly chooses an option to remove that image metadata and refetch from online sources.

TV doesnt seem to duplicate backdrop images in collection  after a library rebuild.

perhaps a crc checker could always re-associate a locally sourced backdrop with an online provider during such a rebuild if this level of sophistication was deemed necessary - but maybe the alternative suggestion above  is good enough..


what are your thoughts on the subject?






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the image url's should be stored in metadata xml. i just haven't done it yet.


however, the design goal of mb2 isn't a factor of consideration because there are many more features that are being provided. when the initial scan runs if it sees your movie xml it will support it, but it's still going to go look for images you don't have, if you're missing any.


likewise, ffprobe results are not stored anywhere except in the db. in your case that's where the impact likely is.

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Thanks Luke,

Thats good to hear if i have understood you correctly, ie - at some point you would expect duplicate images to be avoided but for now they are expected in certain circumstances.

I will hold off cleaning up the collections for now and wait and see.

It will be great if MB3 is able to reliably identify new metadata content for the fullest experience (to the max backdrop limit and minimum resolution config) and consistently (re)achieve this state regardless of when the online providers and local providers have their content updated and during library rebuilds, sounds very sophisticated.

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