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MediaPortal Migration (MovingPictures, MP-TVSeries & MyFilms DBs)


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I've been a user of MediaPortal for many many years now but looking to upgrade over to emby with Kodi for a few reasons but mainly because I like the idea of the centralised server and multi-platform viewing.


I have extensive databases, with some personally enriched content, that I would much prefer to migrate over to emby rather than attempt to re-scrape it all and amend/enhance the content. Also, getting across my watched status would be very advantageous (sorry, I don't have trakt).

I have searched the wiki/forums but surprisingly cannot find any information on importing/migrating a media database from other sources. Has anyone had any luck doing this?


My DBs;

MovingPictures: I use for movies

MP-TVSeries : I use for TV shows

MyFilms: I use for Doco's, Music Vids, Stand-Up, and other stuff that's uncategorizeable


Also, from the research I have done it appears that the best architecture for storing the metadata information is with .nfo but can this along with the artwork be stored in a central location away from the media - I don't like the idea of this info sitting with the movie/series.




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You're going to see lots of people recommend storing the metadata and images with the media files here on the forums.  It's not the default but it's strongly recommended so you don't ever have to rebuild that data in the event of a problem with the emby server software or machine.

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the database migration isn't easily done. that's why we suggest nfo metadata inside media folders. trying to fill the db on your own would take some work.

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For anyone stumbling across this thread; I took Luke's advice and didn't attempt any sort of migration. Initially my concerns were based around the time it took to build the db in MediaPortal and that I would be looking at a similar time investment here. On a punt, I loaded all 2000+ movies & doco's and was very surprised to see the scraper (and Boxset plug-in) get a very high hit ratio (+98%) - very impressive work guys!


It then only took me a few hours to clean up the false positives and missing entries, much less time then trying to work on a migration soln...


The webUI also made this a much more streamlined and enjoyable experience :)  - Two thumbs up to the Emby team!

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