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Can't ad Emby users ?


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 I have the server setup and I have the year license.


 Problem is I can't seem to add users ?


 I try to setup my daughters after I had them register/validate.


 I try to setup the user account and I get an error they are not registered with Emby ?  However I can log in as them ?


 Am I doing something wrong ?


 user/user@email.com   is how I'm adding them

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Hi, welcome. Are you actually entering them as "user/user@email.com". It's actually meant to be username or email-address. I will update the help text. Does that help you? Please let us know, thanks.

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 I was hoping that was it, but tried it both ways.


 Email only as well as Emby Username.


 I can log in as her ( Emby)Web Site)  and I verified the email myself.


 Kinda driving me nuts...lol


 Any other thoughts ?

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