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DLNA outside my home network


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First of all thank you for all the answers I found on this forum ( permissions on ubuntu, creating users, KODI integration and much more .. )


I am trying to use the DLNA feature of the EMBY app on my android phone outside of my network.
I want to watch my movie on my friends smart TV.


When I am on my home network (same network as my EMBY server) I click on the cast button on my emby app, I can see my other DLNA devices and stream the content.

But when I go to my friends house, connect to his WIFI , start the application, I click on the cast button and I see the DLNA devices of my house not the DLNA of my friend.

What am I doing wrong ?


Thank you for your help.



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Hi, dlna devices on external networks are not implemented yet, sorry.


Is that even possible?


That would require one of those:

1. His android phone intermediate the streaming and act as a DLNA providor in his friend's network.

2. His friend's network is connected with his network.


AFAIK, DLNA protocol applies to the same network.

Anyone knows different?

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