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DVD-case overlay


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I noticed on my WP-app that before the coverart is loaded, an generic image of a DVD-case is displayed.

Maybe it is possible to display the coverart behind the (semi)transparant DVD-case.


I used to work with an app on my iPod for XBMC/KODI






very intuitive interface. I know, not everybody likes this, but maybe a possibility to "skin" the app? 







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waaw! great! New to wonderfull wold of plugins...



I noticed that thumbs had to be regenerated -> lot of CPU (and maybe also diskspace ?)

I de-installed plugin, but I lost my libraries: I had to do a rescan of music/photo/movie library to have it back again. Now I lost my "date added" because everyting was newly addend :-(


Will take a closer look at it later on, but It would be nicer to just have an "overlay", thus not regenerating the thums.



thanx for the tip. You undersood me right and the suggestions was very helpfull


kind regards,


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Starkcovers my be a better route for you.... But I've had a heck of a time getting those to work recently. It basically puts an overlay on posters and is a one time thing, no regenerating. It creates a backup of the original in case you wish to revert back.

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