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BUG: Log screen jumps up when scrolling down


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Issue description:


When scrolling down within the Log screen the screen jumps up the first two times you use the arrow key.  This is almost exactly the same thing I reported earlier with Playlist screen jumping and was fixed in 2.0.5a


Also, the screen saver will cause the screen to jump up also after clicking "Return" to exit the screen saver


Steps to reproduce:


Navigate to Settings...Logs.

Scroll up a few lines

Scroll down using arrow key.  Screen jump up the first two times after clicking down.




Navigate to Settings...Logs.​

Scroll up

Wait long enough for the screen saver to kick in

Click Return

Screen jumps up a couple spaces



My TV/HTS/BD Player model number:


F8000 with SEK-2000 evokit (2014 H model SmartHub)


My firmware version:




Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on:




My Emby server version:




My current Emby Samsung client version:




Other Emby Samsung versions the issue can be reproduced in:


Versions 2.x and forward


Supporting information to include logs and pictures where applicable:


​Picture showing background and color buttons after they jumped up



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Thanks for the screen shot. I see the problem. I've not doubled the column width so lots of lines are wrapping and making it flow off the bottom. Easy fix for the next release.

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