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possible? COPY emby config to new server and have BOTH servers running


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recently I had to reinstall my server.

For continuity, I installed Emby on another server and copied the whole Emby-direcotry C:\Users\mediacenter\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server to the new server.


After that,

- changed ports

- changed display name


and both server where running.



However, I noticed when tried to connect from outside my network, I could reach both servers, but there were always issues with connecting: showing wrong displayname, connecting to wrong server etc...


I think that (internally) there is some ID that identifies the server, and that this has to be changed.


Therefore my question:

- is above supported (thus not migrating to other server, but copying config to new server and have both servers up and running, i.e. for disaster recovery procedures)

- should I change this ID somewhere


kind regards,






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delete data/device.txt


i would suggest though taking a look at our backup and restore plugin as it will handle this process and more for you.

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