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We have been using Emby for a few months now.

Our setup is Emby server on a Windows Server 2008 on the home network, and the Roku emby app. We also use Emby for Android on several smart phones and tablets.

Initially we were very satisfies, but the quality of the software is going down after each release.

Here are a ***few*** examples:

1. Initially we used to be able to stream MKV movies, but after a few updates to the server, some movies stopped streaming.

2. We used to have no problems with the mp4 format, but after the last server update some mp4 movies don't stream.

3. We add new mp4 movies to the library folder, and the latest server version doesn't recognise them anymore.

4. When we restart the windows server, the Emby service never starts automatically. And it's not the settings.


We are currently looking for an alternative, even if we need to pay for it.


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