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All Old Collections Missing EWMC After EMBY/EMBY WMC Update


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Recently both EMBY (stable) and EMBY for WMC (beta) updated to the latest versions removing the paths to my collections in WMC.  I updated EMBY to the latest beta but the issue persists.  


I do not have the "Auto Box Set" plugin or ever used the Web Browser to build or add to collections.  I have all my Movie collections physically compiled to local HDDs most locked to protect them from any changes.


The collections are still visible under the Web Browser tab, just not in WMC.  I think all the settings are still correct in both EMBY and EWMC as it has always been solid, but with the updates perhaps something has changed.


I recently started building a "Blade Runner Collection", and will use it as an example with the photos and logs attached.



If I have to use the Box Set Plugin or Web Browser to build all the collections again to be able to view from Emby for WMC, do i delete the parent folder leaving all the child movie folders on the drives firstly?


Will all the custom made images created be deleted in the process?


Thanks for your help,
















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The way you have those setup, they aren't collections to Emby - just folders.


You may have to turn on Legacy Browsing in EMC to have sub-folders show up like that.

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Didn't  mention that I was using Legacy Browsing before the last update changes lost the collection parent folders in EMC, the sub-folders are all displayed now.  


I changed to the new view in EMC hoping to regain the parent collection folder view, but all are still missing.



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post-841-0-17391800-1452533893_thumb.pngDon't know your terminology but before the updates, as expected the parent folder of each collection "Blade Runner Collection" this example, was under Movies in EMC. Selecting it opened the view of all of it's 5 child movie folders.


The example I'm using;


                    Blade Runner Collection\

                                                           Blade Runner (1982) International Cut

                                                           Blade Runner (1982) The Workprint

                                                           Blade Runner (1982) Theatrical Release

                                                           Blade Runner (1992) Director's Cut

                                                           Blade Runner (2007) Final Cut

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OK, That version restored all my collections  :D


Haven't tested for other changes (if any were made) till later.


Question, what system version channel should I keep EMC set at?


Thank You Very Much ebr, for your help and passion! 

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