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Add a specific content type for classical music


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I think it would be better to extend our current music features to accommodate classical. Can you guys offer some suggestions on how we might do that?


I think the best, and probably simplest solution is to support a more complete set of the tags already specified in ID3 and Vorbis.  Below is the list that I came up with.  I referenced the ID3 tag names, but there are Vorbis equivalents for most, if not all.


    TALB - Album/Movie/Show title

    TCOM - Composer [multiple names separated by “/”] [Absolutely indispensable for classical music]

    TCON - Content type [genre]  [Needs to be on a per-TRACK basis] [multiple genres separated by “/”]

    TDOR - Original release time

    TDRC - Recording time [especially meaningful for classical music]

    TDRL - Release time

    TIT1 - Content group description

    TIT2 - Title/songname/content description [movement]

    TIT3 - Subtitle/Description refinement [Opus 3]

    TLAN - Language(s)

    TPE1 - Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s) [multiple names separated by “/”]

    TPE2 - Band/orchestra/accompaniment [especially meaningful for classical music]

                (Most apps are actually MISUSING the TPE2 tag for ‘Album Artist.’)

    TPE3 - Conductor/performer refinement [especially meaningful for classical music]

    TPOS - Part of a set [“2” for disc 2, or “2/4” if disc 2 of 4]

    TSST - Set Subtitle - Useful for box sets, audiobooks, collections

    TRCK - Track number/Position in set

    TSOA - Album sort order

    TSOP - Performer sort order

    TSOT - Title sort order


Title Tags


There are 3 ID3 tags intended for titling tracks.  Below is an excerpt from the ID3 (2.3) spec:

TIT1 The 'Content group description' frame is used if the sound belongs to a larger category of sounds/music. For example, classical music is often sorted in different musical sections (e.g. "Piano Concerto", "Weather - Hurricane").

TIT2 The 'Title/Songname/Content description' frame is the actual name of the piece (e.g. "Adagio", "Hurricane Donna").

TIT3 The 'Subtitle/Description refinement' frame is used for information directly related to the contents title (e.g. "Op. 16" or "Performed live at Wembley").


As an example, consider the following classical composition by Tomaso Albinoni:


Currently, Emby only displays the TIT2 field, so up to now, the tracks below all have the complete title in TIT2, while TIT1 and TIT3 are blank.


     TIT1     TIT2                                                                                             TIT3

                  Concerto in G major, I. Allegro, Op 9 no 6    

                  Concerto in G major, II. Adagio (non troppo), Op 9 no 6  

                  Concerto in G major, III. Allegro, Op 9 no 6    


Using Puddletag, MP3tag, or Picard, the tags can be populated as intended in the ID3 spec, which would look like this:


TIT1                                  TIT2                                        TIT3

Concerto in G major      I. Allegro                                 Op 9 no 6

Concerto in G major      II. Adagio (non troppo)         Op 9 no 6

Concerto in G major      III. Allegro                               Op 9 no 6


Since TIT1 and TIT3 rarely apply to non-classical music, the app should ignore these fields when blank, only showing their content when populated.


Correct implementation of these Title fields would enable the additional option of displaying a composer’s works by composition (TIT1).


TPE Tags


As I noted above, most apps are misusing and mislabeling the TPE2 tag. The ID3 spec actually has no field intended for ‘album artist.’ Going all the way back to the early days of Winamp, someone decided to misappropriate TPE2 and use it for 'album artist.'  This caught on and has become widespread. We should start a campaign to get the ID3 and Vorbis standards groups to add an 'album artist' tag to their specs.


I think someone should restore TPE2 to proper usage, like this:

  • Unmap TPE2 from AlbumArtist, and correctly map it to a new “Band/Orchestra/Accompaniment” field, as defined by the ID3 specification. This is essential for classical music.
  • AlbumArtist becomes an Emby-only field, auto-populated according to the following rules, or manually.
  •      If Artist (TPE1) is identical for all tracks on the album, then AlbumArtist = Artist.
  •      The ID3 spec requires that multiple artists may be added to the TPE1 tag, separated by a ‘/’ character. If the same artist appears on all tracks, then that artist becomes “Album    

         Artist.”  Artists that don’t appear on all tracks are listed as “featuring…”, or “with…” on track listings.

  •      If Artist (TPE1) is not identical on all tracks, OR the same artist does not appear on all tracks, then AlbumArtist = “Various Artists.” In this case, the Artist is identified on track listings

         (as is currently done).

  • If TPE1 lists multiple artists (Barbra Streisand/Bryan Adams, for example), an artist page is created for each artist, and both artist pages list the track. Emby already does this, thankfully.

As always, users can override all these tags in the case of errors or unique situations.

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Is there a plugin to see also Perfomer like it is shown on Brainz? I add there also performer (like drummer, guitar, ...) and if Emby can handle this, it would be a great feature. 

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Thank you for your respond. For me, I would love it. Because some time I just want music for example by a special drummer (which is often not mentioned as a name, especially jazz and fusion), like Lenny White oder Dennis Chambers. 

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Hi everyone, I'm new to all this, so my question might be stupid.

But what would I need to do to set it up so it works like Vicpa's set up? It looks so good. Where did you get the metadata to get the band members etc.?

This looks like it wold solve all my music problems.

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Hi @@johnlumgair


Sadly those days are long past. music never seems to get any priority in the emby.  There is progress but then a couple steps back(Personal opinion only)


The band members/performers are readily available from musicbrainz. Just add the plugin. 



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Thanks Vicpa,

the potential for music management tools could be so amazing but alas iTunes, Google music, Spotify, Plex and Emby are all missing a trick, but it seems most people don't care. I downloaded a trial of some software called "Roon" which seems cool, but won't run on my NAS drive and it's very expensive.


I have the musicbrainz plugin, but how do I get it to display all the information under "people" like you did? Is that something to do with tags?

I'm a totally newbie and I'm really trying to get my head around it before coping over 1000s of pieces of music.

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We are constantly working on improving music support. People for artists is not something we currently do though. Thanks.

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Thanks Luke, for getting back to me.

It isn't able to find some album covers dispite being in the musicbrainz catalogue see below.

and if the The band members/performers are available is the no way to show it?


​Also is there still no way to view by composer? I might seem picky, but If I'm going to make the jump I want to be sure, and being able to view by composter is really importiant



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I tried the interface is a bit strange as there isn't an "OK" button, but it doesn't seem to find anything. 

Of course I can fix it manually.


It's a secondary point as There don't seem to be a "composer" option or am I missing something?



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There aren't composers at this time, no, but it's possible for the future.


So then did you check if audiodb has an image? For both fanart and audiodb you need to make sure the artist has a musicbrainz id assigned.

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To get the metadata for artists emby has missed, go into Danilo Perez (or whichever artist) on musicbrainz, copy the last part of the url (8d0e541a-78a2-445f-a2e6-ebf20ee45f41) and paste it in the artist's edit metadata section in the musicbrainz ID.


The video sections for emby get a lot more attention (because they are more popular), but - even though I came to Emby because of video streaming at home and away - I hope they shift their focus to music for a while as I think there is a fairly large subsection of music fans looking for an option that - literally - only Roon is filling right now (and it is WAY too expensive!), classical and jazz fans.


In my opinion, as mediocre as emby is at music organization (for classical and jazz), it is better than any other server/client option I have found.  Plus, with musicbrainz integration they do that the foundation to make tags easy and thorough,

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I've always liked Emby and just start retesting it for mobile music management but, nearly 4 years (...) after, still nothing new for a better organized music library? Still not a simple composer tag, that is absolutely essential for classical music? And what about the people tag?


Plex is finally moving forward, Roon will soon comes up with a mobile solution, so what's up Emby? Nothing on the roadmap?



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Still no love for people who listen to classical music and need the composer field added to Emby?  Makes it hard when listening to a CD made up of multiple composers when the client can't tell you that information.  I'm not smart enough to know that on my own and it's easily accessible in the tag information

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