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5.1 AAC to 5.1 PCM - with LAV?

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Years ago I used the Shark007 codecs and would configure AC3 filter to convert all my AAC 5.1 audio tracks to AC3 5.1.


These days I'm using LAV filters (like most people here I expect) and I hadn't really considered what was happening with my older videos that have AAC multi-channel audio track (all my new stuff is DD or DTS).


So, it appears that it just gets output as 2 channel PCM - does anyone know how to configure the LAV Audio Decoder to enable 5.1 PCM? Or do I have to resort to AC3 filter again?

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I've found that playing 5.1 AAC as PCM is fine. Just make sure you have Windows audio configured as at least 5.1 otherwise you'll 2 channel instead.

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