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Path substitution not working for ISO mounting


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I have Emby Server installed in a docker container on an Unraid server.

I have Emby for WMC installed on a separate Windows 7 machine.

I am using the Path Substitution feature of Emby Server.

I have configured Virtual CloneDrive in the Emby for WMC Configurator tool.

When attempting to play an ISO in Emby for WMC I receive an error message in a VCDMount widow outside Emby for WMC saying...

"Can't mount " and then the path. The path displayed is the path on the server, not what has been configured in Path Substitution - which is why it fails to mount.

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Sorry for the late reply ebr, I didn't see the reply notification.

Yes path substitution works correctly for other media, just not ISO's it appears.

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