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upgrade theme darkness and marine for version 305782.0


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Hi All,


Accidentally used for the previous theme upload an older css template. So here are the new ones. Upgraded theme Darkness and theme Marine to emby server version 3.0.5782.0


Just copy the css or text in the css box (server - settings - branding) and save and refresh.


Have fun


PS. Let me know if I missed some css.

emby.theme.darkness.305782.0.css emby.theme.darkness.305782.0.txt

emby.theme.marine.305782.0.css emby.theme.marine.305782.0.txt

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@@rthomas for darkness


Not sure if you would want to add these to the chromecast.css portion


.btnActiveCast .iron-icon-0 {color: #673AB7;}
.btnActiveCast .iron-icon-1 {color: #673AB7;}
changes the cast icon to the awesome purple from the rest of the css
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Thank you for the Theme I enjoyed for so long but with the latest server releases this theme is starting to show some errors. If you're still interested in developing I can give you some bug reports on what has failed.

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