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Subtitle downloader downloads incorrect srts


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Hi guys,


I'm using Emby now for some time.

Currently it's version 3.0.5781.9. (I compiled it from the master branch).


Everything is working good, however I noticed a problem around subtitle downloading.

This is a general issue I think.


I had a movie called "Narcos.S01E03.The.Men.Of.Always.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTb.mkv".

The auto-organize feature moved this from the temporary storage to the series folder correctly.

Now it's name is: "Narcos - 1x03 - The Men of Always.mkv"

Then subtitle handler downloaded the subtitle.


However it wasn't downloading the right one.

On opensubtitles there are two versions:




Emby downloaded the second one which is a totally different version, and it has a delay of 20 seconds in the subs.

However the first is good, I tried it manually.


Is it possible to compare the subtitle name and choose the best option somehow?

In this particular case it could have matched by "NF.WEBRip".



Thank you

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We download whatever the first one is that comes back in the open subtitles search method. not much we can do about this.

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Thanks Luke.


Could you tell me which source file is responsible for the downloading process?
Maybe I can implement some easy search method.


Thank you

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Came across this thread because automatic subtitle downloads are working like crap for me. It's working especially bad for tv shows where Emby pretty much always downloads the wrong file.


As far as I understand Emby uses Opensubtitles hashes? But in that case I have no idea how you can mix up a hdtv with a webdl because the hashes should be totally different.


It would be much much better if Emby could also take into consideration filenames or file sizes. I understand this is probably impossible with the current implementation but it might be something for a future version because the current implementation is next to useless.


Manually downloading a sub from opensubtitles I get the right one about 8 out of 10 times only by looking at filenames. Emby is more like the opposite.

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