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ios client - Play/pause not working in remote play with TMT5 in media browser

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I am using TMT5 as external player (MCE version), I tag it as TMT5_MCE_addon in media player classic.


When using remote play in ios 7 client, the movie is started through media player classic but the play/pause buttons do not work, only mute works.


I use MPC-HC for Blu ray playback and there all works fine except audio -/+.


Is this because TMT uses other buttons for play/pause than official MCE commands?  Can I change this in TMT or mediabrowser?  Or will this be an enhancement in ios client?




Kind Regards,



I use:

Windows 7, Mediabrowser server 3.0.5070 , mb classic:, ios client 1.0

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No it's on the mbc side. with external players we're limited by the type of commands we're able to send to it. tmt's api is very limited.

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