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Android Mobile - navigation breaks (reproducible)


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Environment Details:

client version: 2.5.47 and 2.5.48 (verified issue on both versions)

server version: 3.0.5781.5

device: Droid Turbo (OS Version: 5.1)


Description of Problem:

When navigating through "Movies" content the view stack loses position... and returns the user to the "Suggestions" tab.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. kill app
  2. open app
  3. select any movie content category
  4. select the "MOVIES" tab
  5. select any movie in the library (opens details page)
  6. From the 'Details >> Links" section, select "Website"
  7. wait for the built-in browser to load the web page
  8. select back (as expected, the UI is now on the movie detail page, from step 5)
  9. select back again
    1. EXPECTED RESULT: UI should go to "MOVIES" tab
    2. ACTUAL RESULT: UI is now on the SUGGESTIONS tab
  10. WORKAROUND: killing and re-opening the app, is the only way to recover the expected navigation behavior. Once reset, the navigation works as expected, until opening a link (i.e., step 6)


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