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I understand that there is still a lot of work to be done with regards to music in MB3, but I wanted to submit some of the requests I have been looking for, but never found all at the same time in a media player. Hopefully all of these can be implemented at some point in the future as it would definitely satisfy all of my needs with regards to music playback.



Media Browser definitely needs a crossfader with options for amount of time to crossfade and whether to fade out when stopping playback or not. Also the option to cross fade only tracks within the same albums or artist might be useful too.


Playback options

Play modes - Alphabetical (plays tracks in order of track name)
                     Numerical (plays tracks in order of track number)
                     Random (plays tracks in a random order)
                     Repeat (plays tracks again after finishing)

Play from - All
                  Album Artist


If currently browsing a specific Genre/Artist/Album/etc., the play mode should only play music from that Genre/Artist/Album/etc.
Otherwise, MB should request for the source to be chosen. Mutiple Genres/Artists/Albums/etc. should be able to be selected from a simple folder tree view of the entire library.

When using Random, tracks should be played only from the chosen Genre/Artist/Album/etc. and can play from multiple Genres/Artists/Albums/etc. if they are also selected.

The Repeat mode should be able to be combined with other play modes. Should also be able to use Repeat when only playing single tracks.


Party Mode

There should be an option to prevent people from exiting Media Browser, the Music library or the Music Now Playing screen without using some kind of remote/keyboard shortcut with a PIN/Password to unlock it. This could allow for other people to add songs from the library to the playlist themselves, or stop anyone from messing with it at all during a party or something like that.


Now Playing Visualisations

It would be great to have a variety of visualisation options for the Now Playing screen built-in, with the ability to add more via plug-ins (WinAmp style).


Options should include whether the Album Art is displayed, what size it is displayed at, the screen position it is displayed and whether it is always displayed or only during the beginning/middle/end of the song or not at all. The same would go for other track details such as Artist, Album, Track number, Track title, Year, Genre, Rating or other comments if applicable. Things like the font, font size and font colour should also be customisable, even when a Theme is being used.


There should be various background options such as something like the Album Art waterfall in Windows Media Center. It should be possible to tell it how fast to flow, whether to flow up/down/left/right, the size of the images, and whether or not it uses album art images from the entire library, or the current Genre/Artist/Year/Playlist/etc.


ReplayGain Support

Support for ReplayGain tags definitely needs to be included for both track and album gain. Using track gain values over album gain values can result in more consistent volume levels when playing random tracks from different albums. On the other hand album gain values are more recommended for listening to whole albums straight through. An option to use either track or album gain for different playback modes would be great.

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I too want to be able to use media browser for music further as I use it for everything else.

I like what you have started writing above, but there is a few extra things that would be great to see to elaborate it further particularly the party mode.


So far what has been implemented is pretty cool.


These are the main ones that I would like to see.


Remote only mode - Mediabrowser client can be made so that it acts as a remote only with no local playback whatsoever and please dont say, go select the option to send to another device, i know and its easy for me, but anyone needs to be able to pick up a tablet and be able to select something.

(Perhaps when creating a user this could be a settable option. ie user= Jukebox, always start in remote mode and dictate location to play ? This would also solve what folders can be seen etc if you only want music or music video's)

My vision of what I want to see is that guests can hand around a tablet or a phone choosing what tracks they would like to listen to and add them to the play list which is all running from another computer or client into your music hifi system.


Playlists - Like most things playlists rock. The options are there to have to playlists which is great. Just want to be able to lock some options out particularly if using the above mode.


Ideally, I would want to lock out any option that allows users to manipulate a playlist by either placing songs at the front of the queue, deleting or stuff like that.

So having just the option of add to queue would be nice in some circumstances again particularly in a party scenario.


Ability to load, save playlists would also be nice.








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Gapless playback - Premixed DJ sets are very disjointed as there is silence between tracks whereas they should seamlessly join one another. Is it possible to get gapless playback?

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