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i want to use "play to" with my Philips-TV (PFL7606K/02).
The problem is that it's not shown in the device list.
Conversly  the TV can see (and access) the server, and with BubbleUPNP the "play to function" works fine.
I tried to create a profile, based on infos BubbleUPNP was displaying and infos from other forums as well. I think the identification is ok but there im stuck now.

The log file mentions something about "PhilipsIntelSDK" :mellow:

my config "Philips PFL-XXX6" is mentioned (seems to be applied) :)

but there is also something about "TIMEOUT" :unsure:

and it's never the less not shown in the devicelist for "play to". :(


2015-11-13 18:20:52.3329 Info - HttpServer: HTTP GET
    Ip: Headers: HOST=,DATE=Fri, 13 Nov 2015 17:20:45 GMT,CONNECTION=close,USER-AGENT=Windows2000/0.0 UPnP/1.0 PhilipsIntelSDK/1.4 DLNADOC/1.50
2015-11-13 18:20:52.4359 Info - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 101ms. 
2015-11-13 18:22:21.7570 Info - UpnpContentDirectory: Profile: Philips PFL-XXX6, No direct play profiles found for Path: G:\Medien\Filme\New.mkv5-11-12 22:26:53.6784 Error - App: Error getting response from
2015-11-13 18:20:52.6729 Info - HttpServer: HTTP SUBSCRIBE
    Ip: Headers: HOST=,CALLBACK=<>,NT=upnp:event,TIMEOUT=Second-15


Unfortunately I can't do much with this informations but I have attached the whole logfile for all of you, who are able to read it.
I am really looking forward to your replies.

Philips PFL-XXX6.xml

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I connected my custom DLNA profile "Philips PFL-XXX6" to a user. When I access the server via the TV I only see libraries that user is enabled to access. Further more I also can play different files back.


So I am sure, that the DLNA profile is applied to the TV.

And the connection is proper, at least for simple playback.


So the single question is now, why is the device not available for "play to"?

Enyone who may give me a hint?

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I don't think so. With the app BubbleUPNP I can select the TV as renderer and then playback content on the TV, controlled from the mobile app.

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I just don't know how the recognition of DMR (digital media renderer) is working. Do the dlna-profiles have any influence on the recognition of DMR or do I have look somewhere else?

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Hello again,


I've red a lot in the past days, if I'm getting this right, the procedure for discovery of DMR's is not effected by the DLNA profiles. Even though there are many others with the same problem around here, there is no solution at all for this. And unfortunately I don't possess necessary skills for technical research in greater depth.


Would it help, if I record some logs via Wireshark from the network traffic?


Maybe by the comparisson somebody could find out why BubbleUPNP is working and EMBY is not.


Any interest?

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