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Separate bitrate for playback and transcoding


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It would be very useful if there was a separate bitrate limit for transcoding. My network can easily handle higher bitrates, whether it's streamed from local source or the internet, but my poor old server can't really handle real time transcoding.


So here is the gist of it all:


My server can handle about 1.5M transcoding, it's right on the limit, but it is able to mostly keep up. The server has a lot of downtime, which I would love to use to pre-transcode the content. This can be done with the various sync components.


The problem is that apparently the synced content is rejected because my chromecast is set to only stream at 1.5M bitrate. The only way to make use of the pre-transcoded content is to manually bump the bitrate when I know there is pre-transcoded content and then bring it back down when I want to watch something real time.

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