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appdata size


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Server Version 3.0.5781.0
Firefox 41.0.2

I have very large video and image libraries (5 or 6 terabytes total)
My ...\Appdata\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server folder is 94GB!! (81GB is the cache)

Does this seem reasonable? If so, Emby should offer a way to move this folder off the system drive.

I moved my ...\Appdata\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server off my SSD system drive via a Junction point. Seems to work OK (at least until Emby changes the original path).


Thanks for your attention.

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That does seem rather large, do you save metadata with media?  I have a 12.7TB server that only has a 5GB cache but metadata saved with media.


You can move the Metadata, Cache and Transcoding Temp folders.








Transcoding Temp



Note you will not have to worry about your MediaBrowser-Server changing until you do a full uninstall or new install.

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There was a bug in the release before causing, although it was only on the website for a day or two, sounds like you got it.

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