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Howto hide Home screen buttons


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Emby Server Version 3.0.5724.6
Windows  Professional
Firefox 41.0.1

1) TV (Live) 2) Guide and 3) Recorded TV buttons did not use to appear on the Home screen views?
Now they do. Is there a way to hide these buttons on the Home screen?




While the other buttons can be customized these 3 cannot and ruin the aestheics. Even if they
were customizeable I don't want them to appear as I rarely if ever use them.




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In Emby\System\dashboard-ui\scripts of your server open up sections.js with an editor.


-Line 25 to line 31 is for the Guide view button. (delete these lines to remove guide button)

-Line 33 to line 39 is for the Recorded TV view button. (delete these lines to remove recorded button)

(function ($, document) {

    function getUserViews(userId) {

        var deferred = $.Deferred();

        ApiClient.getUserViews({}, userId).done(function (result) {

            var items = result.Items;

            var list = [];

            for (var i = 0, length = items.length; i < length; i++) {

                var view = items[i];


                if (view.CollectionType == 'livetv') {

                    view.ImageTags = {};
                    view.icon = 'live-tv';
                    view.onclick = "LibraryBrowser.showTab('livetv.html', 0);return false;";

                    var guideView = $.extend({}, view);
                    guideView.Name = Globalize.translate('ButtonGuide');
                    guideView.ImageTags = {};
                    guideView.icon = 'dvr';
                    guideView.url = 'livetv.html?tab=1';
                    guideView.onclick = "LibraryBrowser.showTab('livetv.html', 1);return false;";

                    var recordedTvView = $.extend({}, view);
                    recordedTvView.Name = Globalize.translate('ButtonRecordedTv');
                    recordedTvView.ImageTags = {};
                    recordedTvView.icon = 'video-library';
                    recordedTvView.url = 'livetv.html?tab=3';
                    recordedTvView.onclick = "LibraryBrowser.showTab('livetv.html', 3);return false;";
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Koleckai Silvestri

You will have to make the above change every single time Emby updates so you won't want to be on the Dev Track.

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