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TuneUp Media MP3 ID3 Tags


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Hi guys,


So I have a fairly large collection and after several iterations of media organizers am having a bit of trouble synching up with MB3's music features.


From Winamp, Sonique, Windows Media Player, MusicMatch Jukebox, iTunes, TuneUp, etc, etc I've tried a number of things to keep my media collection organized.


The last two being WMP and iTunes.  The last big convert/organize was done using iTunes, mostly because it had the feature to combine/organize to a new /Music folder destination (as my collection grew I had music strung out across various drives).  I ended up using this feature to move everything to an external USB drive and also allowed it to update its mp3 tag data.


As time went on and I grew more frustrated by the limitation Apple builds into its products I moved back to WMP, but also allowed it to update tag data.

So herein lies my problem... I have a large collection and the file structure and tag data are all over the place.  Media Browser is linking it to strange connections on musicbrainz (not even close to actual name of artist).


I've seen a few links here to MediaMonkey and mp3tag... and I have downloaded both but don't really have the time to dwelve too deeply into them to see what the best option is on doing mass updates.


So that brings me to TuneUp.  I have a valid copy but I haven't transferred it to my main machine yet to do processing.  Does anyone know if TuneUp updates the tag data that is in a format is acceptable to MB3?  I want to attempt using it to clean up as much of the collection as possible, then use the move features of MediaMonkey (or something like it) to put it all into the correct folder structure so that MB3 can pull the correct metadata for it all.


Thanks in advance!


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Technically it should work and tuneup is a good tool. MBS is meant to read from the MP3 tags that are created by tuneup. Unfortunately, it does not always work for me, but technically what you are trying to do works.


One separate thought - MB Picard is in my eyes the very best tagger. But tuneup is also fine.

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Hi Steve, 


Thanks so much for the feedback!  I may check out MB Picard if time permits (currently in the process of a big move from Oz to U.S.).  Was hoping to have it all tagged and bagged before the computer gets loaded on a boat!



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