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Emby App by 7illusions Won't download/install from Windows Store


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I am running the latest version of Emby Server on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit machine. It works fine, both on my LAN and from remote locations. I recently took an Asus Transformer T100TA tablet on vacation and used it to connect to the Emby Server by logging in and connecting remotely. The T100TA is running Windows 10 Home and it works fine when used in this way.


I noticed an Emby App on the Windows store that is described as an Emby Browser App (by 7illusions.) I paid the $4.99 and attempted to download/install the App on the Asus computer. The Emby logo flashes briefly when the download starts, and then I receive the following error message while still connected to the Windows Store:


"Try that again.

Something went wrong.

The error code is 0x803F8003, in case you need it."


Although the Emby App appears on the Start screen, it doesn't launch when I click it. I can view my media remotely on this computer through the browser, but thought the App might offer additional features. (In other words, the Windows App is something i really don't need.) Any ideas why it won't install?


I did notice that my tablet is identified as a device by the Emby Server and it is described (incorrectly) as a Windows RT device. This is not the case. It is a full-featured Windows 10 Home OS.



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NEVER MIND! There was an expired trial version installed and when I thought I had purchased the App, the transaction apparently did not go through. I paid for the App and it works great on the Tablet computer. (It is a little cleaner than the browser connection, but has essentially the same features for browsing media on the Emby server.)

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