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Movies missing chapters


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Several of my movies appear to be missing chapters. For example, if I skip ahead via chapters, suddenly the movie jumps from maybe the second chapter to the title credits. I noticed that the movie length is correct, however. When the movie plays through, it just ticks off run-time with a blank screen. I am using VOB files with corresponding IFO files in separate folders per movie. Using the skin originated from install.


This doesn't happen to all the movies in my library. Also, some of the movies don't even have any running time while playing them, and I am unable to use chapter forwarding.


This occurs on both server and client side. Windows 7 server, Windows 8 client.  


After searching, I found this thread.


The suggestion is to re-encode from VOB to MKV. Didn't see if that worked in the thread, but I'll look into that. Also, I think there is a way to create new a new IFO file, which I will try as well.




I created a new IFO for a problem movie - this didn't make any improvement. I also converted to an MKV file. While it seems the library found the MKV and downloaded/created a poster, the new MKV movie doesn't appear in the library to watch it. I refreshed the library and metadata to no avail.




And now I found this thread. I guess the VOB files are considered experimental in a browser environment. This is a problem for me. I would spend hours converting all the movies to MKV or something else.  

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yes you are right about that. Have you seen the folder sync feature? It can help you automate the conversion:




Bear in mind all transcoding of folder rips is considered experimental, and that includes folder sync, but things are usually fairly stable when you play from start to finish, which the conversion process would do. 

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